that on a beach in Xiamen, the reporter found

that on a beach in Xiamen, the reporter found

that on a beach in Xiamen, the reporter found

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This is not an unfounded worry. I remember reading a report in the guide newspaper that on a beach in Xiamen, the reporter found 21 bamboo sticks in 10 minutes. In addition, there are gravel, glass, razor blades and so on. Of course, after all, “picnic” is different from barbecue stalls to buy barbecue, bamboo sticks and so on should not. But if you are not careful, you may also leave toothpicks, cigarette butts, beverage boxes, paper towels and so on. Therefore, when we go out for a picnic, we should not only bring good food and drink supplies, but also do not forget the equipment for holding rubbish. When you leave, you should check carefully, do not leave anything precious, and do not miss all kinds of rubbish.

that on a beach in Xiamen, the reporter found

Since July, the government has begun to allow tourists to fly to the island from areas where the outbreak is under control. Whether this includes all or part of the UK, which is usually the largest source of immigration, will depend on the spread of the virus at that time. Brazilian Transport Minister Jose? Louis? JoseLuisAbalos said he would not insist on having empty seats on the plane. The tourism industry is developing hygiene rules, including keeping a safe distance between using towels on the beach and disinfecting hotel rooms.

Personal care, thermal bags, ice bags, external accounts, safety supplies, tents and accessories, outdoor furniture, outdoor bedding, outdoor clothing footwear and accessories, outdoor cooking utensils, outdoor picnic mats, kettle purifiers, beach umbrella

Hey! Nowadays, exquisite camping and extravagant camping are, to put it bluntly, luxurious picnics and luxurious picnics. An upgraded version of outdoor barbecue… Even if you are not a white-collar worker working in Jiulongpo District, you can still take the Metro Ring Line or Line 2. After getting off at Xiejiawan Station, take a taxi. The starting price is just a few minutes. You will arrive at Kowloon Beach in a few minutes.

The sea of Weihai is broad, bright and gentle enough. The most romantic thing is to walk on the beach with my friends, listening to the sound of the waves, blowing the sea breeze to enjoy the changes of the sky, and sunset at dusk. Of course, there are camping and picnics!

During the sunny May Day holiday, decorating the most beautiful seaside picnic scene will certainly become a hot focus in moments. Just imagine, in the sea breeze, clean and soft beach, while tasting delicious food, while enjoying the sea view, relaxed and comfortable.

But when the police released the beach quarantine facilities, people began to flock to the beach to celebrate, swimming, fishing, surfing and other activities, according to CNN. The beach was already crowded in less than 20 minutes after it opened. People seem to have completely forgotten the prevention measures against the epidemic. Although the local government notice requires that the beach can only carry out fitness activities and is not allowed to bring towels, recliners, showers, etc., people all complain that it is too painful not to go to the beach. Many people take towels and blankets to the beach to sunbathe, and few wear masks or maintain a certain social distance.