is an artificial beach and the water is very

is an artificial beach and the water is very

is an artificial beach and the water is very

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It is as if you are in a place to play in Erhai Lake. There is an artificial beach and the water is very clear, so it is suitable for setting up tents for picnics. There is also a sea of flowers that must come to take pictures in spring.

Taishan Chuanshan archipelago is mainly divided into Shangchuan Island and Xiachuan Island. It has a subtropical scenery similar to that of Maldives, the sand quality of the beach is excellent, and the fishing village with white walls and green tiles is built on the mountain, which is quite distinctive. When you have a picnic here, what you feel is the sea view of the sea and the sky, and the scenery is beautiful and leisure. You can also take a tent and stay here for a night and look up at the stars with your loved ones at night, which is extremely romantic. [detailed >>]

There is a broken four-wheeler, in the city can take his girlfriend to explore the corner of the city, to a hundred kilometers away to explore food, to the suburbs to see the scenery, picnics, a walk to the beach at night, said to go, without a trace of hesitation, do not worry about the night do not worry about far, after walking can also go to the car to make out, this is the responsibility of love,

Longmei, Frisbee, skateboard, trampoline, colorful tents and picnic cloth on the lawn, screaming children hanging upside down on the rock climbing wall, dancing aunts, dogs chasing dogs and strangers who occasionally meet and greet because of dog fights. Compared with the riverside sections such as Yangpu, the back Beach and the Bund, we may be able to feel more deeply the “rich but not too restrictive life situation” in the Xuhui section, a kind of “simultaneous presence” of all kinds of daily life. In the flow of sight and behavior can also promote and stimulate each other. A ban is always the easiest way to manage, but to limit “troubles” is also to limit the possibilities, while the so-called “excellence and global” promise should be able to carry a warmer, looser and pluralistic daily life.

There are mountains, water and lawns, and the sense of atmosphere in spring has been contracted by the beach forest of Henglu Village on the banks of the river. With the nature around you, bring the equipment for camping and picnics, make tea around the stove, and set up a happy time with tents and canopy ~

The naval officers and men of China and the United States have enhanced their friendship in the course of exchanges. On the beautiful beach of San Diego, officers and men of the two armies picnicked together to the accompaniment of sweet American country music and held a beach volleyball match. The tug-of-war between the two sides was very interesting, and as the US Navy officers and soldiers seldom carried out this activity, they made a fool of themselves, and everyone burst into laughter.

In the public environment, the shape of a straw-like fitness yoga room, the building “grow” out of straw, simple and primitive, the internal yoga environment is mainly plain, quiet and relieved. Second, food and beverage services to create a luxury experience, come here will not be far away from the city to export a unique food culture, a variety of food and beverage environment to liberalize the choice of guests, relaxed outdoor beach cafes, romantic local restaurants, interesting pizza spots under the stars, picnic tents on red beaches. Any space, on the sand dunes, on the beach, on the deck can be your dining environment, everything is dominated by guests. In terms of food, pick the eco-agricultural ingredients grown by local residents themselves, green and healthy. Here the luxurious service contrasts with the simple appearance, and luxury is defined by you.

is an artificial beach and the water is very

The beach and lawn opposite the Zhaoshan Scenic spot are so vast that it can accommodate thousands of people to camp and have picnics at the same time. In fact, this is a comprehensive play center. In addition to camping and picnics, you can also fly kites, play with sand, enjoy cauliflower, barbecue, bonfire party, hiking, biking, parent-child activities, photography and so on.