intersection point to separate the upper frame and the decorative

intersection point to separate the upper frame and the decorative

intersection point to separate the upper frame and the decorative

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4, etc.; non-metallic plate: package composite board, rigid polyvinyl chloride including phenolic aluminum foil composite board, polyurethane aluminum foil composite board, glass fiber composite board, inorganic glass board, etc. The plates and specifications used in the air duct should meet the requirements of the design and quality acceptance code: if there is no requirement for the thickness of the duct plate of the smoke exhaust system, it can be selected according to the thickness of the duct plate of the high pressure system. The non-metallic composite air duct shall not be lower than the non-flammable B1 grade. The cladding material of the plate must be non-combustible material, and the internal thermal insulation material of the air duct with thermal insulation performance is made of non-flammable or non-flammable B1-grade material. The fire resistance of the air pipe material, valve components and insulation material of the smoke control and exhaust system shall comply with the design regulations, and the air duct body, frame, connecting fixed material and sealing gasket, as well as the manufacturing materials of flexible short pipe and muffler must be non-combustible materials. The air duct is usually made by on-site connection method, mainly by bite and welding: there is a connected bite seam in the form of bite connection, which should reach a single bite.

Designed specifically for military use, the army rucksack with metal frame is a backpack that has won the hearts of adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. It is aptly named due to the metal frame that reinforces its structure, providing ample support to carry heavy loads over long distances. The advent of this ingenious piece of equipment has revolutionized the way soldiers, hikers, and trekkers approach their expeditions.

intersection point to separate the upper frame and the decorative

Cold weather bag, towed tractor bag, adaptive cruise control / forward collision warning, 8.4in multimedia package, LED lighting kit, safety package, hardtop roof, leather decorated bucket seat, remote keyless entry, body color 3-piece hardtop, cargo management system with trailer connection, packaging dashboard frame and red splicing, launch badge, body fender flash, 17-inch black aluminum wheel, auxiliary switch bag Flat cover, steel front bumper, wireless Bluetooth? Loudspeaker, car lining and forward trailer image

Smart surface refers to the interior surface of a car that combines decoration and functionality. In the future, every surface in the automobile can be intelligent surface, including door trim panel, dashboard, steering wheel, skylight module, lighting system and so on. These surfaces have developed from decoration to mechatronics user interface. At present, intelligent surface technology is in the stage of market introduction and growth, and has great potential for development. how to make intelligent surface technology better requires the joint efforts of mainframe factories, scheme designers, parts suppliers, material enterprises and so on. Now Ebang has established a WeChat group for automobile intelligent surface. Geely, BYD, Great Wall, Changan, Dongfeng, Yanfeng, Ilan Auto parts, Ningbo Huade, Wenzhou Jincheng, Keschuang, Kurz, Toyo Ink, short and other enterprises have all joined in. Welcome friends from the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain to join the discussion and seek common progress.

Installation technology of audio refitting shop in Shatou car. Because the acoustics of a car is not only related to the quality of the acoustics itself, but also has something to do with the installation technology of the acoustics, and the audio mainframe of individual brands belongs to non-standard size, which can only be specified to install a certain type of car stereo. Therefore, when purchasing car audio, we must pay attention to whether the size of the audio host fits the size of the installation hole on the dashboard.

intersection point to separate the upper frame and the decorative

In addition to treatment creams, prescription glasses can also play a role in minimizing the appearance of bags under the eyes. Glasses can help draw attention away from the under-eye area and divert focus to the eyes and overall facial features. Choosing the right frame shape and color can further enhance this effect, allowing you to feel more confident and less self-conscious about any bags or puffiness.

Bentley rotates the display screen to allow you to innovate technology and enjoy an extraordinary journey. It is hidden behind the exquisite dashboard finish, which rotates when the vehicle is started, revealing a digital display, and has a 24-hour free telephone number: you can use the App, media and view vehicle information. Turn the display screen again to show three classic analog dials, surrounded by a jewel-like chrome frame. You can turn on and off the display screen by rotating operation according to your needs.

The same abrupt is also reflected on the door panel, in fact, the line design of the door panel is quite creative, with the inner handle as the intersection point to separate the upper frame and the decorative strip to form a Y shape, which is also like the shape of a tree branch. However, the area of the inner handle panel is so large that the black highlight decoration effect on the surface does not match the dashboard. The electroplating strip on the dashboard has been warped up again in the position of the air outlet, and the Deco of the dashboard is not related to the Deco of the door panel. When opening the door, you can obviously see the sharp end face of the decorative strip on the door panel. By comparison, the ID4X door panel is a little more coordinated.

intersection point to separate the upper frame and the decorative

1)。 The oscillating frame is driven by a constant speed motor to oscillate horizontally, and a number of axial flow fans are installed in the storage box to work. Transparent glass door, the grid on the shelf is operated to keep the temperature in the box uniform. (2) the storage box is made of an environment-friendly foaming box. Stainless steel inner tank and refrigeration system and other devices, stainless steel material is easy for users to clean can put several bags of platelet storage bag. Vibrating frame, when putting the temperature, the transparent glass door is conducive to heat preservation and observation of platelet preservation state. Put the stainless steel oscillating trolley into the storage bag and start the oscillating trolley to oscillate and open the lower left end. In July 2002, we have been committed to the R & D, production and sales of lactone series of synthetic fragrances.

Qinhuangdao building electric welding mesh customized, wire welding mesh is widely used in industry, agriculture, construction, transportation, mining and other industries. Such as machine shields, animal fences, flower and tree fences, window fences, aisle fences, poultry cages, egg baskets and home office food baskets, paper baskets and decoration. It is mainly used for external walls of general buildings, cast-in-place concrete, high-rise residential buildings, etc., and plays an important structural role in the thermal insulation system. During construction, the polystyrene board of the hot-dip galvanized electric welding grid frame is placed on the inside of the outer mold of the external wall to be poured, and the external thermal insulation board and the wall survive at one time, and the thermal insulation board is integrated with the wall after demoulding. .

Fs thermal insulation external formwork equipment is mainly composed of electronic metering device, dry powder mortar mixer, slurry mixer, work lifting frame, flattening device, forming device, transmission equipment, drilling equipment, slotting equipment, cutting machine and so on. The dry powder mortar mixer and slurry mixer adopt automatic batching and electronic metering, with a high degree of automation and accurate metering; the forming equipment has the characteristics of reasonable structure design, convenient production operation, short molding cycle, high production efficiency, good product quality and so on.