Hall to send Huoxiang positive gas, towel s, umbrellas and other

Hall to send Huoxiang positive gas, towel s, umbrellas and other

Hall to send Huoxiang positive gas, towel s, umbrellas and other

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One of the significant advantages of mesh bags small is their incredible versatility. They come in various sizes and designs, making them suitable for multiple purposes. For those who love spending time at the beach, a small mesh bag can be an ideal companion. It allows you to carry sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, and other essentials while ensuring that sand and water can easily escape through the breathable mesh material. These bags are also perfect for organizing your belongings during travel, preventing the need to rummage through your luggage for small items.

On the 11th, Deputy County Mayor Wu Hongfei went to the second Water Plant of the County Water supply Company, the Electric Power Company, and the Zhongmin Gas customer Hall to send Huoxiang positive gas, towels, umbrellas and other heat prevention and cooling consolation products to the front-line workers, thanking them for providing stable essential factors for the people of the county, and urging everyone to pay attention to heat prevention. It is hoped that the relevant units will do a good job in heat prevention and logistics support, so as to create a cool, safe and comfortable working environment for front-line workers.

See this Coogi foreign style small square bag, the bag is very small and exquisite, but it is a small one, but the capacity is terrible, usually we go out with girls can easily put down all the things, mobile phones, make-up glasses, sunglasses, paper towels and lipstick, all can be put in one by one, the most important thing is that it will not appear bulky, the bag will not show.

Hall to send Huoxiang positive gas, towel s, umbrellas and other

3) Emergency measures for fire accidents: first of all, consider personnel rescue and fire extinguishers or other fire fighting equipment to put out the fire by themselves, cut off the power supply, clean up flammable and explosive materials, inform the post to take measures, if it is judged that the fire is out of control, organize personnel to evacuate and escape quickly and call the fire phone. When escaping, you should pay attention to: do not panic, do not quarrel, do not squeeze, choose the appropriate route, recall the direction of the safety exit, find the safety exit in the shortest time, follow the command in an orderly manner, cover your mouth and nose with wet towels and wet clothes to prevent smoke choking or poisoning, low posture or crawling to escape.

When I come to the garden every morning, I open the doors and windows of the classroom, put out the sterilized cups and towels, clean the surfaces of objects, put things neatly, and tidy up toys, tables and chairs. Wipe the table with disinfectant before eating and wipe it again with clean water so as to reduce the growth of germs and let young children grow up in a comfortable environment.

Wash your body with lukewarm water or cool towels: parents can prepare soft towels and a basin of water to help their children wipe repeatedly and help their body temperature drop. Forehead, palms and soles of feet are all parts that can be wiped. People feel uncomfortable when they have a fever, and they will feel comfortable when wiped with warm and cool water.

11. When you spend a lot of time outdoors, you need to reapply sunscreen at least every 2 hours, and apply sunscreen more frequently if you sweat, swim outdoors and wipe your skin with a towel.

1. During the holidays at home, do not leave the children at home alone, lock the doors and windows at home, tell the children not to open the door for outsiders, and do a good job in safety education. two。 Teach young children not to climb balconies, windows and other high and dangerous places. 3. Household appliances must be tidied up properly, do not let children touch at will; do not play with power plugs and sockets, let alone use hands or conductive materials to reach into power sockets. 4. Parents should pay attention to putting hot water, hot soup and heaters in a safe place in daily life. Once a scald occurs, rinse the wound with running water, do not smear toothpaste, soy sauce and other items, and promptly sent to the hospital for professional treatment. 5. The medicine at home must be properly preserved, and do not let the children eat it as candy. 6. Do not play with fire, such as matches, lighters, candles, etc.; teach children to save themselves from fire, such as covering your mouth and nose with a wet towel. 7. Remind young children not to play by rivers, lakes and canals, and not to set off fireworks in case of accidents.