windfall cosmetic makeup organizer plastic storage box with drawer

windfall cosmetic makeup organizer plastic storage box with drawer

windfall cosmetic makeup organizer plastic storage box with drawer

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The 2023 passenger cannon adopts brand-new exquisite technology style interior decoration, large area soft coating, 7-inch color liquid crystal instrument + 12.3-inch Zhaopin touch screen double suspension design, radium carving process luminous decoration board, the sense of science and technology is amazing. In addition, a large storage box is added around the dashboard to increase storage space, leading in the same class.

Four cooling rods (No. 1) with a diameter of 6mm are fixed in the process hole by a thimble (No. 3), the lower part of the cooling rod is communicated with the cooling water line (No. 2), and the cooling water line is communicated with the external circulating waterway. Through the action of the cooling rod, the heat accumulated between the narrow side walls of the sub-dashboard storage box is absorbed by the circulating cooling water and arranged outside the mold, and the side walls of the products will not have defects such as surface chromatic aberration and product deformation due to local overheating. at the same time, the whole forming cycle of the product is also significantly shortened because of the role of the cooling rod. After many times of mold testing and verification, the forming cycle of the product is about 38s (the mold uses cylinder ejection and reset).

Thanks to the design concept of the exclusive pure electric ME platform with short front and rear suspension and long wheelbase, Great Wall customers have ample driving space, with a wheelbase of 2490 mm, which is rarely seen in A00-class models. According to official sources, there are as many as 24 storage devices in the Euler R2 car, including auxiliary dashboards, cup holder designs, front and rear door side storage boxes, front seat back and back storage pockets, etc., as well as many convenient storage designs for passengers to store goods.

Makeup Desk Cosmetic Storage Box Organizer with Drawers for Dressing

For avid vinyl enthusiasts, protecting their collection is of utmost importance. Dust, sunlight, and moisture can cause irreversible damage to records, resulting in loss of value and quality. This is where Bags Unlimited Record Boxes come to the rescue. These sturdy and reliable record storage boxes are specially designed to provide the utmost protection to your precious vinyl collection.