middle of the left and right upper frame respectively (see figure), and

middle of the left and right upper frame respectively (see figure), and

middle of the left and right upper frame respectively (see figure), and

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The company mainly produces automotive dashboard system, door panel system, front and rear bumper system. The existing customers are Jiangling New Energy Electric vehicle, Guoji Zhijun Electric vehicle, Zhidou Electric vehicle, Zhongtai Junma, BAIC Yinxiang, Sichuan Automobile Mustang and other well-known domestic mainframe factories.

The instrument panel, door panel frame and front and middle handrails of the Jetta VS7 two-year customized model are covered with leather, supplemented by chrome strips and red double seams, greatly improving the refinement of the interior. The seat uses a mash-up design of perforated leather and fur splicing, which not only improves the visual quality, but also performs well in ride comfort, and the vehicle is also equipped with a more technological 8-inch FPK LCD dashboard. The performance of this interior decoration is not inferior to that of independent brands.

middle of the left and right upper frame respectively (see figure), and

This product has a strong decontamination ability, can quickly remove the dirt on the surface, making the surface as smooth as new. It can clean artificial leather and plastic products, all kinds of furniture, door frames, household appliances, wallpaper, exhaust fans, range hood, gas stove, etc. It is convenient to clean the inside and outside of cars, motorcycles and yachts, such as velvet cushion dashboards, side panels and ceilings.

16. The amount of vertical deformation at the intersection of lines. The cart products are placed in a stable place, and the heavy objects are respectively placed on the boards placed at the bottom of the seasoning box or in the center of each plate. After the heavy objects are removed, the vertical deformation at the diagonal intersection of the loaded plane is measured. The product is placed in a stable place, the foot is fixed, and the horizontal force is added from the middle of the left and right upper frame respectively (see figure), and the action time of each time is. Under the loading state, the deformation of the force end is measured and the average value is taken. After the force is removed, the residual deformation is measured. Diagram horizontal force test schematic diagram temperature rise and thermal insulation performance inspection according to the operation instructions, replenish the water in the thermal insulation water tank to the maximum working water level, turn on the heating function, and start the time from the water temperature in the water tank. Record the time required when the water temperature reaches. The average speed of temperature rise (in units) is calculated according to the formula (): average temperature rise ()

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Pipeline municipal engineering and other high thermal insulation layer, aluminum foil reflective layer, stainless steel fastening belt, sliding guide bracket, air insulation layer, external protection “steel pipe, external anti-corrosion layer” through the combination of equipment in turn. Because of its wide application, it is also supported by multi-party R & D funds. Closure ratio: greater than or equal to%. External protection steel pipe, aluminum foil reflection layer, glass wool thermal insulation layer, inorganic hard insulation layer, stainless steel belt, sliding guide support frame, working steel pipe combination, thermal insulation pipe is widely used in liquid and gas transmission pipe network, chemical pipeline insulation engineering, petroleum, chemical engineering, centralized supply, air conditioning and ventilation ducts, municipal engineering, etc., high thermal insulation layer aluminum foil reflection.

In the past few years, although the technology of augmented reality head-up display has developed very rapidly, it has not been widely used on a large scale in the market. there are two main reasons: first, the volume is relatively large. it takes up a lot of space under the dashboard; second, the cost is relatively high and the price is relatively expensive, so it is difficult to enter the price-sensitive Chinese automobile market. On the other hand, this augmented reality head-up display of Continental Group is very small, equivalent to a volume of only 7 to 8 million L, which greatly facilitates the layout and application of mainframe factory customers in the car. At the same time, local development and local production will bring the best performance-to-price ratio for this product, which is bound to strongly promote its market application.

Prevent local overheating and uneven thermal expansion and damage. The fuel combustion value, the heat preservation quality of each part, the water content of wet material and the uniformity of feed quantity affect the quality of dry products and fuel consumption. Therefore, making each part as good as possible is an effective way to improve economic efficiency. In the working state, the roller frame should be filled with cooling water. All lubricating parts should be refueled in time. When stopping, the hot air stove should be turned off first, and the drying tube should continue to rotate until it is cooled to close to the outdoor temperature. It is believed that many users will see the words of double exhaust or double row air design when they understand the dryer. For this, many users have made a mystery about the second-hand three-return drum dryer in Xiongxian County, Xiongxian County. Click

The staggered dashboard hides the step difference between the windshield and the side window. The stitched leather center bar frames the charming 8-inch touch screen display, and the automatic climate control device is located on a separate lower floor. The deep-embedded meter is equipped with a 7-inch LED display that switches between the data panel and the traditional tachometer. Subtle matte carbon fibers, matte silver and artificial leather decorations are scattered around the cabin, but most of them are business-style black. The two-color artificial leather seat is sturdy and durable and has no plastic feel. The shape and support of the seat is good, but it is a little low for proper knee support, especially for drivers. Fortunately, the adjustable steering wheel can be pulled far away to adjust.