service platform in China, mainly engaged in luggage and watch recovery, consignment,

service platform in China, mainly engaged in luggage and watch recovery, consignment,

service platform in China, mainly engaged in luggage and watch recovery, consignment,

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In the body and appearance part, the headlamp group is integrated with the water tank shield, and the side of the car continues the previous generation of simple line design. In the interior part, a large number of aluminum alloy trim plates are in sharp contrast to the dark interior, and the steering wheel and dashboard have also been redesigned, equipped with more electric heating seats, electric tail doors, raindrop induction wipers, and a reversing camera system, and a new movable luggage compartment device has been added in the rear car.

service platform in China, mainly engaged in luggage and watch recovery, consignment,

Luxury recovery platform is a professional second-hand luxury goods recovery and consignment service platform in China, mainly engaged in luggage and watch recovery, consignment, cleaning and maintenance, quality inspection and other business, and professional appraisal institutions in the inspection, national inspection, China traceability and the major Internet head companies have cooperation. The reason for using this Mini Program is that the extravagant quotation is really accurate and the price difference rate is relatively low! This is much better than physical stores, although there are occasional slight price cuts, but they are all within acceptable limits, and the process of selling bags is much more enjoyable. Then there is Alipay endorsement, safe and reliable, do not need to download any app directly with Alipay can operate, at the same time very fast payback, the fastest 24 hours to complete recycling, you can recycle bags without leaving home!

However, in addition to energy absorption and heat-resistant platform, polypropylene foam also has good thermal weldability, which makes polypropylene foam is also widely used in car sheds, doors, car roofs, carpet supporting materials, sound insulation panels, door linings and luggage racks, etc.; its good thermal processing type makes it widely used in master boxes, shock-proof boards and other components. In addition, polypropylene foam can also produce deflector, door inner panel energy absorption protection pad, buffer pad, headrest, object box, cushion, dashboard and so on.

The so-called ASF, the concept is that the instrument panel is supported by a high-strength aluminum structure, and the space frame is composed of the extrusion section of the vacuum die-casting joint, which are combined into a very light alloy body. In the past, the top column to the side of the luggage compartment, including the door handle pit, was stamped with aluminum. The front column A column is a new high-pressure cast aluminum technology, which is a difficult technology for aircraft structure, which can be compounded to strengthen and change the thickness of the material. As the Audi A2 uses the structure of ASF space, the weight of the body is more than 40% lighter than the traditional steel body, only 895 jin.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid power system composed of engine and motor, with a comprehensive maximum power of 274kW, a peak torque of 500N m, a transmission system matching a seven-speed double clutch gearbox and a four-wheel drive system. In terms of appearance, the new car head grille, both sides of the reflector cover, roof luggage rack, rear bumper are all blackened, which further reflects the sense of movement of the model. It is reported that the new car will be equipped with h battery pack, which can last up to 51km in pure electric mode. In terms of configuration, the new car will provide matrix LED headlights, daytime driving light sets will also be changed, as well as Audi virtual cockpit digital dashboard, 19-inch alloy rims and so on.

3. There are few famous brands of bags in China, reference materials. From the American fashion culture of the cutting-edge luggage brand, the brand is the scarecrow Nu Chi Lan Qiandai socialite.

The Rolls-Royce Curinan interior has a large number of straight lines that are extremely majestic, and the frame of the central control panel is wrapped in hand-polished metal bars, connecting not only the upper dashboard to the central console, but also by accommodating the horizontal design elements on the dashboard. increases the sense of control. Rolls-Royce Curinan also has plenty of storage space in the rear. The luggage compartment has a space of 560 liters, and if you put away the privacy partition screen between the trunk and the back seat, the storage space can reach 600 liters. Because the base of the rear seat is designed higher than the floor of the luggage compartment, even if both seats are folded down, the items in the luggage compartment will be intact without slipping forward, which is essentially different from the design of other brands of SUV.

Wuxi luggage recycling: Louis Vuitton LV bags, Chanel series, Gucci, Herm 猫 s, Saint Laurent, Dior and other brand bags, here to focus on Chanel, the current price increases a lot, recycling prices are also rising, the products in the bag should be Herm 猫 s, Herm 猫 s bags are very valuable, the recovery price can reach as much as the basic original price. The actual prices of other bags recovered and sold in the market are basically around 40-60%, only Herm 猫 s is normally recycled at the original price.